Dare you?

The little bad book

Whoever read the Little Bad Book knows a bit about interactive adventures, flashes of inspiration and … well … the very special voice of this special magic book. But did you know that treasure maps, imagination and monster are not only a thing of books?

Magnus Myst did not only create the little bad books and other magic items in long dark nights in his study room – it´s real! There is a real magic library in Cologne and if you and your family dares, you can enter it – on your own responsibility!

Kids in the lead

We assume that you have to take your parents with you if you want to travel to Cologne. Well, ok. Maybe they can proove useful in getting to things in the upper shelves and read medieval scripts?

Family friendly magic escape room theater

In the middle of Cologne there is a family friendly escape room theater: the agency for time travel, quantum magic and adventures. Some of the doors open to the magic school of Magnus Myst.

The magic exam is waiting for all adepts who are at least 11 years old: The magic library.

If you are already magic 13 years old, you can enter the magic archive.

Das kleine böse Buch

The little bad book in
the agency for time travel, quantum magic and adventures

The little bad book is a friendly creation of Magnus Myst. His study room and his magic library are in the agency for time travel, quantum magic and adventures in the middle of Cologne/Germany.

Do you want to listen to singing books? Talk to magic cats? Transform your deepest fears? Look already in the hall at the portrait of Magnus Myst, the head of a dragon, he hunted a few centuries ago, and learn the secrets of travelling behind magic doors.

And if you are really happy, you may hear the magic master himself playing the ukulele and telling new stories.

Visit us now! Live adventure rooms devised by the autor Magnus Myst. Interactive adventures for families: live!