Team X Escape Room Cologne:
Unique Escape Rooms in the middle of Cologne

Welcome in the agency for time travel, quantum magic and adventures!

Team X offers you a unique escape experience. Look forward to an interactive Escape Theater with original scripts in the middle of Cologne. Highly recommended by fans of Harry Potter Escape Games and fans of story telling escape rooms.

We are a „small“ Escape Theater with love to details, story, monsters, fun and YOU.
Welcome in a place beyond your everyday life: welcome in the agency for time travel, quantum magic and adventures!

Escape Room Cologne for all Harry Potter Fans


Bubbling potions, talking books, dragons and dark powers await you in your final exam. This Escape Room in Cologne is perfect to enhance your city trip, stag do or family vacation with an hour of riddles fun and pure magic. Perfect for all fans of Harry Potter Escape Rooms.

The „big“ Escape Room „The Magic Library“ is for 6 to 8 players.  We have a second, smaller one for 4-5 persons.  Game language: english or german


Escape Room Cologne:


You are an experienced sorcerer. Together with your allies you are going to hunt the last treasure. This interactive escape theater enhances puzzles with social riddles and interactive theater.

The Escape Room „The Magic Archive“ is for 4 to 8 players. Game language: english or german. Minimum age: 14 years (13 if the parents are part of the group)


Escape Room Cologne:


Our flag ship adventure: 5 years of Escape Room Experience, story telling and set design gave birth to this challenging adventure!

It´s your interview as time runner. You choose your first time travel. Do you want to flirt with Cleopatra? Survive hunting for a dinosaur egg? Drink some wine with Shakespeare? Prepare for a fast-paced 60-minute adventure through time and space.

MISSION TIME TRAVEL is for 4 to 8 players. Game language: english or german Age: as of 14 years (younger ok if you travel as family)


4 persons

136 €

5 persons

160 €

6-8 persons

29 € p.p.



Team X Escape Rooms are in the middle of Cologne’s beautiful „Südstadt“. Close to the Rhine and a lot of bars and restaurants. Public transport is right outside to get you anywhere you want.


You can pay via Paypal or by card.

Magnus Myst

The storyteller is Magnus Myst, internationally known for interactive books. The team strives to give love and live to the escape room stories.

Hen Nights and Stag Dos

Up to 34 players in 5 rooms. Mix exciting magical experiences in the MAGIC LIBRARY (Small: up to 5 escape gamers, large: up to 8 player), the MAGIC TREASURE (up to 8 escape gamers), a dangerous mission in the CRAZY LAB assisted by our crazy AI ZombOS (up to 5 players) of travel in the MISSION TIME TRAVEL (8 persons)

Attention: We know you like to party but you’ll have way more fun, if you’re sober. Our recommendation: Start the day with an escape room and celebrate your victory afterwards. The puzzles are way easier in that order 🙂

And a tipp: The Lord of the Grillz is a medieval event restaurant very near by. Excellent food, reservation mandatory.

Family vacations

The Magic Library and The Zombie Lab are our two family friendly adventures. You’ll have a private escape room where you can play just with your family. Suitable for ages 11 and up.

City Trips

Fed up with churches and museums? Escape Rooms are the new way to make your city trip an exciting, unforgettable experience.

Last Warning

The Magic Library and the Magic Treasure contains magic topics and symbols. They are not a pure Harry Potter room, but evolve around magic in general. Our Escape Rooms are meant to be fun and we don’t want to offend anyone. If any of the above disagrees with you we recommend choosing our third Escape Room „The Crazy Laboratory“.