Team X Köln


Prevent global disaster in the middle of cologne

Ever dreamt of being a hero?

Then join us and save the world!

The agency needs your help! A mad scientist has developed a deadly virus which will turn everyone into zombies! And he threatens to release it!

Global desaster is imminent. There's only one hope:

You and your team of time agents!

Use our time portal to infiltrate his secret lab, find the virus and destroy it! If you manage to safe the world, you'll become real heroes!

Genetically modified lab-animals, robots, dangerous substances, computercodes und last but not least: Lots of fun and excitment are waiting for you. Come to Team X Cologne.

• PLAYERS: 2 - 5 players. Suitable for ages 10 to 99.

• DURATION: 60 minutes excitement + 10-20 minutes arrival, briefing, de-briefing and (often) excited chatter.

• DIFFICULTY: • (spy training mission) to •••• (nerve wrecking thriller) (matched to your group).

• SOUVENIRS: If you like we take pictures of you during the game. It's a free bonus service. Rooms are dark, so no guarantee. Come in disguise/costumes and sometimes the results are amazing.

• PRICE: see booking page

• GIFT COUPONS on request.

Team X Autorenlesung

Team X Köln Labor

Team X Kinder Team X Teenager

Team X Familien Team X Geschenk für Frauen

Team X Geschek für Teenager Team X Geschenk für Männer

Team X Zombie Labor Team X magische Bibliothek

Team X Exit Room Team X Escape Room

Team X Abenteuerraum Team X Escape Köln

All images from live actual games.