Team X Köln

A magical escape-room experience

Did you ever feel special?

Maybe you are!

Do you sometimes feel like something sleeps in you? A secret, unused power?

Maybe you are right! Go test yourself in this official test of magic. Togeter with your friends you'll have to master disciplines like alchemy, clairvoyance, spells and dark magic.

The time portal of the Team X agency in cologne brings you right into the magic library, where you will show that you can brew magic potions, cast spells, make invisible things visible and be reasonably evil.

• PLAYERS: 4 - 8 Players. Suitable for ages 8 to 99.

• DURATION: 60 minutes of exploration and enchantment + 10-20 minutes arrival, briefing, de-briefing and (often) excited chatter.

• DIFFICULTY: • (1st year pupils) to •••• (dance with demons) (matched to your group).

• SOUVENIRS: If you like we take pictures of you during the game. It's a free bonus service. Rooms are dark, so no guarantee. Come in disguise/costumes and sometimes the results are amazing.

Successful witches and mages will also be rewarded with an official diploma of the arts of magic.

• PRICE: 4 - 6 players €25 pp | 7+ players €22,50 pp | €20 for kids up to 14 | €35 explorer deal (2hrs)

If you like you can extend your time from 60 minutes to 2 hours. This way you'll have time to explore every lovely, funny or mysterious detail of the magic library.
EXPLORER-DEAL: + 10€ per player.

• GIFT COUPONS on request.

Team X Teamevent

Team X Köln magische Bibliothek

Team X Neu in Köln Event Team X Geburtstagsgeschenk Köln

Team X Geburtstag Teenager geburtstag Teenager

originelles Geschenk Kindergeburtstag

Geburtstag beste Freundin Team X Neu in Köln Event

Team X Aktivitäten Team X Geschenk

Team X Was tun am Wochenende Team X das beste Geschenk

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